Frenchtown Farms, Cecelia Rosé Syrah Viognier 2018


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Syrah/Viognier Rosé
"We picked the Syrah from our small vineyard in Penn Valley at 18.5 brix, stomped it, ate lunch, and then pressed it into puncheon to ferment in barrel. The Viognier from Bokish was added after the fermentation was complete to fill up the puncheon. Aged for eight months, also bottled with 25ppm.
The label is of a bee on a star thistle which is our local invasive vineyard weed. It grows when it gets dry and all everything else dies. Even though they are very painful to walk through they are the bee's primary source of food through the hot dry months so it's a love/hate relationship. Cecelia is Cara's middle name." —Aaron Mockrish

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