Schloss Gobelsburg, Cistercien Rosé 2017


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The Vineyard:

"The vineyards extend around the castle - each with its peculiarities and peculiarities, each with different soil and microclimatic conditions. From the sun-drenched terraced areas at Zöbinger Heiligenstein and Gaisberg to the sprawling gardens around Gobelsburg, there is the opportunity to offer every grape variety - according to its potential - the best possible development opportunity.

Each vineyard can be considered as a separate individual, whose facilities are managed with care and prudence to maturity. A nature-friendly viticulture was already a leitmotif at Schloss Gobelsburg when Father Bertrand was still responsible for the property. The introduction of organic fertilizer, the elimination of herbicides or the reduced use of pesticides are not new regulations but old-fashioned practices."

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