Aldo Rainoldi, Sforzato di Valtellina 2016


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At the beginning of the 1920s Valtellina found itself in a context of poverty characterized by emigration. As often happens in these situations, the necessities of life and the desire to emerge in order to escape difficulties lead man to animate his spirit of initiative.
"If you don't throw your heart beyond the obstacle and you don't do it when you have the strength, you probably won't do certain things in your life!" How many times Aldo Rainoldi has heard his grandfather, his namesake, utter these words referring to the beginning of his career as a small Valtellina merchant; in this short sentence is the stubbornness of the one from whom the adventure of the Casa Vinicola Rainoldi began.

In fact, the foundations that would have allowed grandfather Aldo to start this experience were laid down a few years earlier by his father, Giuseppe Rainoldi.
Giuseppe Rainoldi was born in 1850 in Arigna, a small town situated on the orobic shore of the valley, and already at the age of twenty, being the owner of the only existing mill in the area, he produces and trades grain. Wheat flour and corn, essential ingredients for the preparation of bread and polenta, are at that time the basis for the main subsistence foods, the dispose of them is equivalent to wealth. Barter represents one of the most important forms of trade and the precious flour can easily be exchanged with other local products such as potatoes, chestnuts, blueberries, mushrooms. Giuseppe has in large quantities the typical fruits of the earth, to the point of starting to sell them also in neighboring Switzerland. The market is profitable, but unfortunately linked to the typically autumnal nature of the products. With the typical acumen of the merchant, Giuseppe feels the need to procure an appreciated and salable good throughout the year. The turning point in consolidating its business as a merchant will be the fruit of a happy intuition: wine!

In 1905 Aldo was born, Giuseppe's son and promoter of the Casa Vinicola Rainoldi which, even today, bears his name. In 1925, it was he who built the building in Casacce, a hamlet of Chiuro, which still houses the headquarters of the Casa Vinicola. The project is very ambitious for that time, just think that it took ten years to complete the one that, for a long time to come, remained the only building on the street. In the same years Aldo joined his father Giuseppe in the wine trade, transporting it in small chestnut barrels in Switzerland and throughout Lombardy. Initially the sale of the bottled product represents only a small portion of the production, exclusive to a few connoisseurs, but starting from the second half of the Fifties, with the simultaneous indication of the vintage on the label,

At the beginning of the sixties, Giuseppe (Peppino for his friends), son of Aldo, took over the reins of the company and thanks to his lively initiative, there was a profitable expansion of the market, especially abroad. Europe, United States, Canada, Japan, East Asia: Giuseppe immediately realizes that the wine consumer is increasingly cosmopolitan and citizen of the world and that it is necessary to expand the range of products in order to satisfy an increasingly diversified demand international.

In 1994, Aldo, Giuseppe's nephew, enrolled in the Viticulture and Enology course at the University of Turin. At the end of the nineties, after completing his studies and following a series of experiences in other wine-producing areas, he too joined the company in the name of family continuity. Optimizing and rationalizing the production aspects in the sign of the company's managerial tradition, expanding the markets and combining the quality of the product with respect for the environment are the daily goals. The children of the house, Marco and Maria Vittoria, despite their tender age, already show great interest in the culture of wine, which bodes well for the future of the company.

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