Azienda Agricola Brancher, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore Extra Dry 2020

Arriving in Col San Martino from Vidor or Farra di Soligo, the landscape is composed of an infinite series of verdant hills organized in vertical terraces like an enormous series of residential complexes with artistic and irregular shapes. They are surrounded by the vineyards that climb the hills, between 125 and 500 m above sea level, and drive their roots into the fertile land that, for years, has been offering up juicy golden grapes to be transformed into Prosecco sparkling wine. 

It is here that, in the 70s, Angelo Ronfini bought his first hillside vineyards and started dedicating himself to his work with the courage and passion of an experienced grower and through hard work and love for his land and the antique culture of wine. Francesco and Sergio, the two youngest, from an early age, absorbed the father's passion for hard, but very satisfying work, which also became their goal in life. 

The Ronfini Family’s experience was consolidated by the founding of the company, which, since 1996, with the help of the wine expert Mariano Pancot, has been vinifying and producing a generous Prosecco. A Prosecco that is elegant and with an intense bouquet, in its various possibilities, DOCG, Millesimato, sparkling Extra Dry, fruity Brut and soft Rosé, as well as others, all Valdobbiadene sparkling wines with flavours that are balanced, fragrant, intense, flowery, fresh and velvety. Brancher is always very attentive when it comes to vinification techniques, using first-rate equipment, mainly cold temperatures, and taking advantage of pellicular contact. Moreover it doesn’t use sulphur dioxide in the first stages of production, thus obtaining good quality products. Even before this, the care taken in the vineyard makes them very personalized, prestigious products with distinct aromatic complexities that are suitable for even the most demanding gourmet palates.

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