Bedrock Wine Company, Gambrels of the Sky Red Wine California 2016


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"“Gambrels of the Sky” comes from an Emily Dickinson poem entitled “I dwell in Possibility,” and though this feels a little lofty, it seemed appropriate for a wine dedicated to my remarkable grandmother, Frances Howard Peterson. Not only did she love poetry, she also loved cooking, science, and wine. She was the first woman to graduate Phi Beta Kappa in Chemistry from UC Berkeley, then later worked on isolating plutonium, came home and became a crack chef (check the Chez Panisse cookbook and you will see her as a recipe tester), and was a member of many of the first Bay Area tasting groups. The 2016 Gambrels is built around the 1880s planting of Grenache at the venerable Gibson Ranch in McDowell Valley, whose precise and elegant fruit composes a little over 80% of the blend. The balance is made up by aromatic and friendly Cinsault, also planted in the 1880s, from Bechthold Ranch in Lodi and a bit of savory Oakley Road Mataro."


In the words of winemaker Morgan Twain-Peterson: "Bedrock Wine Co. firmly believes in the philosophy that diversity is the spice of life. The wines I make are not limited to a single caste or single style. Rather, they reflect my own eclectic tastes and general feeling that a broad palate makes for more interesting gustatory experiences."

Bedrock Wine Co. was started in 2007 by Morgan Twain-Peterson. Working out of a small converted chicken coop in a friend’s backyard, Morgan focused on making personality-filled wines wrought from a small array of thoughtfully farmed vineyards. Over time the chicken coop and its outdoor fermenters and tiny basket press gave way to production at another friend’s winery and eventually to the “elegant” tin-sided warehouse that is now called home. In addition, after six years of working alone the winery welcomed Chris Cottrell as a partner-in-crime along with a small, dedicated staff of highly decent human beings.

The winery is first and foremost a mission-driven operation dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating old vineyards around California. These vineyards, planted by California’s viticultural pioneers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, are living pieces of history. Not only is Bedrock able to draw inspiration from those very pioneers, but they get to actually use the materials they planted, which have survived two world wars, Prohibition and a constantly changing marketplace. If something has been growing for over 100 years it not only deserves the respect of us humans, but it probably makes some darn good wine too.

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