Cavallotto, Barolo Riserva Vignolo 2013


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This harmonious, full-bodied wine has an intense ruby red hue that, with age, changes to a deep garnet. Intense and fruity on the nose, it shows aromas of tobacco and liquorice with undertones of red fruit jam, dry roses, and violets.
On the palate it is dry, warm, and supple with sweet and rounded tannins. Overall a well-balanced wine with a long finish.
The 10,700 Nebbiolo vines in the Vignolo vineyard, facing south and south-west, were planted in two years: 1948 and 1966.
The soil in which they grow is calcarous and clayey.

The grapes themselves are macerated on the skins for a long time-about 26 days-in stainless steel vats.
The wine is then transerred to traditional casks of Slovenian oak where it is left to mature for about 4 years.
Finally, it spends up to a year continuing to mature in the bottle before it is released.

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