Château Branaire-Ducru, Saint-Julien 4ème Grand Cru Classé 2006


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Château Branaire-Ducru became a separate vineyard from the Beychevelle estate after the death of Bernard de la Valette, Duke of Epernon, in the mid 17th century, when his assets were turned over to the French Crown to pay off his debts. In 1680, Jean-Baptiste Braneyre bought the property. His descendants, the Duluc family, had the current Château built around 1824. It was then sold to a relative, Gustave Ducru. 
Since 1988, it has belonged to a French family group whose chairman is Patrick Maroteaux. Meanwhile, the property has been fully renovated and the tireless pursuit of excellence has led amongst other achievements to the introduction of a second wine (Duluc de Branaire-Ducru), made mainly with fruit from the youngest wines. All this bears witness to the spectacular return of Château Branaire-Ducru as one of the elite Bordeaux wines. The whole team here is extremely motivated and strives every day to contribute to this fine success by producing top quality wines.

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