Clemens Busch, Riesling Marienberg Felsterasse 2015


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We are especially excited to be working with Clemens and Rita Busch, biodynamic practitioners in the Marienburg vineyards of Pünderich. Clemens is the fifth generation winemaker at this estate (all the previous ones were also named Clemens; needless to say, he named his son Florian.) and he began using organic practices in 1984, more recently moving towards biodynamic. Clemens likes to define his wine by the soil type, so the capsule on the bottle will indicate the type of slate (blue, gray or red).

The dry wines are rich, complex and immediately impressive. They also age very beautifully, gaining in complexity and texture. There are not a lot of committed “natural” winemakers in Germany in the sense that we know it from France and elsewhere; Busch is considered by many to be the master interpreter of that philosophy in Germany. These are some of the most iconoclastic wines we
have tasted.


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