Clos Saron, Tickled Noir Home Vineyard 2019


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It all started with with a half acre of Cabernet Sauvignon, planted in the “wrong” place. Early in 1995, Gideon Beinstock and his wife Saron were asked by their friend Leonard if they wanted to take over his small (0.5 acre) vineyard and make some wine for themselves. Gideon asked if Leonard would let them experiment with grafting it over to Pinot Noir. He said yes, and Saron proceeded to graft these 400 vines to Pinot; they also doubled the vineyard density by “own-rooting” a Pinot vine between every two grafted ones. This is how their “Old Block” came to be. Three years later Leonard sold them this piece of land and Clos Saron was born. 100% foot-stomped, whole cluster.


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