Château Kirwan, Margaux 3ème Grand Cru Classé 2014


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2010 comes out as an extremely complete wine: its freshness and aromatic purity bring an additional touch of brilliance to its velvety richness. Its superbly delicate nose, the savory balance it presents in the mouth and its intense finale all contribute to making this wine a perfect expression of the Kirwan terroir. In addition to the indulgent quality of its remarkable fruit, 2010 offers great aging potential.


Historians date the origins of Calon back to the Gallo-Roman era. Its name is derived from the term “calones”, which were small transport boats that travelled up and down the Gironde estuary. Wine growing at the estate can be traced back to the 12th century, but it was in the 18th century, at the time of Nicolas-Alexandre the Marquis de Ségur, who also owned Latour, Lafite and Mouton, that the finest chapter of the property’s history was written. Calon thereafter was to be known as Calon Ségur.

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