Tiago Teles, COZs de Cozinheiros C2-Baga 2015


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Tiago Teles co-founded the wine site ‘Os5às8’, where he practiced and consolidated his activity as a wine critic between 2002 and 2006. In the course of that project, he co-authored 6 editions of an annual wine guide. Tiago later co-founded the wine site ‘NovaCrítica-vinho’ acting as wine critic between 2007 and 2009. He co-authored the guide ‘Portal Portugal Guia de Vinhos Portugueses e Estrangeiros’ in 2008 and 2009.
But Tiago’s dream had been always to make wine; get closer to the land, to find his own identity through wine. He came across this opportunity in 2012, after touring vineyards for several years, and observing and tasting numerous wine styles and varieties. He fell in love with the calcareous-clay soils and climates influenced by the Atlantic sea, and understood that the best plots were planted on elevated slopes, where the best soils shone. Tiago chose a certain number of respected grape varieties, well adapted to the location and harmoniously matched, where the vineyards are worked sustainably.
He feels that the wine from Bairrada symbolises the connection with the local environment. It is complex and responsive, and relies on the freshness conferred by its acidity. His wines aim to be local, authentic, and endorsed by the hand of friendship. They are a sample of nature via beautiful vineyards, soil, climate and an ideal location.

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