Damilano, Barolo Cannubi Riserva 1752 2015


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Damilano Wine Company is one of the oldest wineries in Barolo with historic traditions.

The Damilano family business dates back to 1890 when Giuseppe Borgogno, the great grandfather of the winery’s current owners, began to vinify his own estate wines. The town of Barolo resides in the generous and beautiful Langhe region, and its name was taken on by the “king of wines”.

It is with great passion that Giacomo Damilano, the founder’s son-in-law, developed with his children a love for the vineyards, selecting and maintaining them with great care in order to improve the quality of the wines. Over time, the winery’s production was transformed into a jewel that was passed down with pride in 1997 to Giacomo’s grandchildren, who continue to manage the winery today.

Guido Damilano is entrusted with the scrupulous running of the winery, while Paolo and Mario Damilano are in charge of the commercial side. The winery, visible from the provincial road Alba-Barolo, is about 1.5 km from Barolo in the direction of Alba and is almost at the same elevation as La Morra. The winery was renovated and now features a modern and practical architecture. It is surrounded by the pleasant Langhe landscape, which is now world-famous, even beyond the limits of the wine and food world.

The secret to high quality is found in the grapes destined to become Damilano wines. The grapes are cultivated in 53 hectares of prestigious and select vineyards that the company looks after with the same attention and respect as the winery’s founders, as well as the skills of modern winemaking in order to pursue the highest quality. Damilano’s Nebbiolo production culminates in the great cru wines: Cannubi, Liste, Brunate and Cerequio.

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