Domaine de Montille, Bourgogne Chardonnay 2019


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Siblings Alix and Etienne de Montille are vital members of Burgundy’s younger generation to whom the torch has now been passed. They are currently involved with three significant Burgundian enterprises, beginning with their home estate, the Domaine de Montille located in Volnay, which has been in the family for about 300 years. Since 1947, under the impassioned leadership of their father Hubert de Montille, the estate has been dedicated to the production of very fine, genuine and age-worthy Burgundy. Though they have established their own distinct paths, his two children are carrying forward many of their father’s ideals. Etienne, who started to make wine with him in 1983, began managing the estate in 1995 with the help of his mother, Christiane. In 2002 Etienne, at the time a Parisian lawyer by profession, decided to return full time to Burgundy. Today he shares ownership and management of the Domaine with his sister Alix who is responsible for its white wines.

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