Domaine U Stiliccionu, Ajaccio Sottu Scala 2016


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Domaine U Stiliccionu is located in the community of Serra-di-Ferro, a promontory point in southwestern Corsica.

The granite and schist soil of the Domaine U Stiliccionu produces a 100% Vermentino white wine of "grande pureté" with outstanding mineral notes in this wine. Sébastien Poly, wine maker at Domaine U Stiliccionu, is only in his mid-30s, and took over the domain in 2005 from his grandfather after studying business in Toulouse and having attended an agricultural high school in Cahors, and worked in vineyards in Hungary and New Zealand. That's definitely not the traditional career path of most winemakers on the island. He's also open to new ideas, converting the vineyard, which he has expanded to six hectares (just over 13 acres) to biodynamic culture in 2008.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Domaine U Stiliccionu is not the Vermentino but the reds made from Corsican native Sciaccarellu and Niellucciu grape varieties. Although it's no longer as true as in the past, most of the better wines on the island are white, rosé or sweet muscats. Reds, even at some of the best vineyards, just didn't have the same je-ne-sais-quoi minerality, freshness, energy, balance or whatever else you want to call it.

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