Eladio Piñeiro, La Coartada 2009


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D.O.C. ALENTEJO In this region of Portugal something similar to ourorigins with Albariño happened, only it was twenty years later. In 1995 Eladio Piñeiro bought a quinta (farm) in Monçao with an ancient plantation of Albariño and elaborated Quintessencia his brand for the Portuguese market. In this way he got the opportunity to discover the country and its wines, among them there was a variety that enchanted him, the Alentejo, which urges him to travel across the Alentejo countryside, town after town, vineyard after vineyard since he knew that this was the best possible area to create a very special Red wine due to the abundance of native varieties, which Portugal has successfully preserved, the richness of its soil and to its microclimate. We are manufacturers of thoroughbred Red wines, with expression and fruit, spicy and silky, elaborated exclusively with grapes from a single property vineyard more than 25 years old, to make an unforgettable Estate Wine.

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