Fico Wine, Toscana Sangiovese 2018


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An explanation of Fico, according to Filippo:

‘My vines, the vines chosen for Fico, are nestled close to an ancient fig tree in a distinct area in the centre of one of my fathers vineyards named 'Gugliaie'. It was this fig tree which gave me the name for my wine, fig or 'fico'. The grapes of these vines are characterised by an excellent balance between flavour and structure, reflecting the taste of the earth, a calcareous earth, claylike and rich with fossils.


At Le Corti the wines produced by my family are certificated organic wines but with Fico we wanted to take a step further, a step towards a different type of agriculture, we wanted to look at the cultivation of the vines, the harvesting of the grapes and the making of the wine as a cohesive interconnected living system, closer to the tenants of ecological self sufficiency and the practice of bio-dynamics. This was the beginning of my plan.’

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