Frenchtown Farms, Suncrest Vineyard Indigeaux Sierra Foothills 2016


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The fruit comes from David Polite who runs Carlton Hill Vineyards. It is one of the only eastern facing slopes that fully ripens Pinot in Yamhill-Carlton. The adjacent vineyards are owned by Louis Jadot and some other heavy hitters. Aaron and Cara have have a few rows in the 11 acre vineyard and have full control over picking decisions.
Winemaker notes: Cara and I shovel the fruit whole cluster from the picking bins into the fermenters right in the vineyard and then drive a few miles down the road to our friend Jay McDonalds who owns EIEIO (his wines are great) and stomp it there. We keep the fruit cool while we have lunch and dinner with our friends in the valley and then hit the road for an all night drive where Cara and I take shifts…”from Oregon to Oregon House." We do it because we love the terroir, working with higher PH soils and cooler climates, and because we love the people there.
The Pinot usually starts fermenting quickly once we get it into the winery as the yeasts from our harvest are still buzzing away. It spends a lot longer than any of the foothills fruit on the skins and stems and gets pressed off into barrel once it’s close to dry or about 8 days.
It spends 12 months in barrel, neutral French oak, 18ppm SO2 at bottling.
The cuvée is called “Waypoint,” the animal is a Swan as embodied by Zeus in the myth of Leda and the Swan. The new labels will all have a constellation illuminated in the sky and for this one it is Cygnus.

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