Gunderloch, Riesling Nackenheimer Rothenberg Auslese 2016


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NEWS ALERT! Johannes Hasselbach (6th generation at Gunderloch) has now officially taken the winemaking reins from his renowned father Fritz.

THEN: In 1890 Carl Gunderloch founded the estate by investing his fortune
into the top vineyards of the “Roter Hang” (“red slope”) area in the Rheinhessen appellation. Five generations later, Agnes Gunderloch married winemaker Fritz Hasselbach, now known as “The 300 Point Man” for being the only winemaker
in the world ever to have received a perfect 100 points three times from The
Wine Spectator.

NOW: Fritz has bequeathed to his son Johannes a thriving estate of approximately 25ha of vines in some of the best sites in the Rheinhessen. In Nackenheim they own a nearly monopole position in the grand cru Rothenberg (65% of the estate’s holdings) which is planted completely to Riesling. The average yield is held to 45 hl/ha, amongst the lowest in Germany, resulting in wines of high extraction and great quality. The cellar work is accomplished with a minimum amount of handling and is very reductive in style. Minimum ripeness for the various quality levels is significantly above the requirements of the German wine law.

The wines are never de-acidified and in high acid vintages bottling is often delayed to allow the wines to harmonize and soften. Production for the whole estate is 40% dry, 30% off-dry and 30% fruity-to-sweet. The Rieslings from here, particularly those from the Rothenberg, are some of the finest in Rheinhessen and in Germany.
These are full, elegant wines full of yellow fruits, great structure and fine acidity
for long aging.

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