J-M Sélèque, Champagne Brut Nature Solessence 7 Villages NV


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VINEYARDS: The vineyards currently represent 7.5 hectares of vines across seven villages in the Marne valley and the Côte des Blancs slopes: Pierry, Moussy, Epernay, Mardeuil, Dizy, Vertus and Boursault. The grape varieties are dominated by Chardonnay, at 60%, followed by Pinot Meunier with 30% and Pinot Noir with 10%.

In order to express fully the identity of the vineyards, their work with the vines is essential. They cultivate the vines as their eyes and convictions guide them, and every year forces a new way to think differently and to adapt. They believe that all thir actions must help the vine to defend itself and minimize its sensitivity to variations in the weather. This is why the soils are turned; to encourage root development and microbial life in the soil. Preventive measures are taken to combat disease and favor balance and biodiversity. The manual work of cultivating the vines is carried out by a team of five people throughout the year.


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