Marqués de Murrieta, Gran Reserva Limited Edition Rioja 2014


Marqués de Murrieta´s foundation is linked to the origins of the Rioja wines since Luciano Murrieta produced in 1852 the first Rioja wine and was also the first one to export his wines. Luciano, appointed Marquis by the King Amadeo of Savoy thanks to his work in Rioja, travelled to Bordeaux to learn the winemaking techniques that he introduced later in Spain. He established the concept of “château” in the Ygay Estate where he built the emblematic Ygay Castle.

In 1983 Vicente Cebrián Sagarriga, tenth Count of Creixell, took over the project. He modernized the winery and with his entrepreneurial vocation he continued the legacy of Marqués de Murrieta. After his death his eldest son, Vicente D. Cebrián-Sagarriga, current Count of Creixell, assumed together with his sister Cristina the management of the winery, accompanied by a young and qualified team. Over the years, the Count of Creixell´s family has become the perfect continuity to maintain the balance between tradition and modernity positioning Marqués de Murrieta in the 21st century in a privileged position in the world.

Pazo de Barrantes Winery is associated to the Counts of Creixell since the beginning of the 20th century although the property is in the hands of the family since 1511. Over the years, the Count of Creixell´s family has given its own personality to every wine produced in the winery.

In the 1990´s the Galician property turns into an estate designed specifically for the albariño growing, the great and noble local grape variety.

This enabled the family to join all the efforts to offer a careful and precise winemaking of the albariño in the heart of the Salnés Valley.

The construction of the Galician winery at the beginning of the 1990´s established a balanced relationship between Pazo Barrantes and the historic Riojan winery founded by the Marquis of Murrieta.

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