Monthelie Douhairet Porcheret, "Les Duresses" Monthelie Blanc Premier Cru 2014


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Les Duresses white has a bright, clear, golden hue with greenish reflections. It discloses aromas of hawthorn, acacia and honeysuckle combined with a hint of lime blossom and hazelnut. An intensely mineral wine offering notes of silex, toast and freshly churned butter. With age, it develops notes of honey and ripe pear. The attack is enticingly smooth and intense. The palate is fat, rich and very persistent.


The rich yet lively texture of the Monthelie Duresses makes it an ideal choice for foie gras. Its intense minerality, complex aromas and persistent finish offer endless opportunities for gastronomic combinations. Its minerality and lively palate also make it a good choice for iodized foods.

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