Sierra de Toloño, Tempranillo Caminos de Santa Cruz 2016


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After working her way around wineries in Bordeaux, Chianti Classico, Marlborough, California and Priorato, Sandra Bravo Marin returned home to La Rioja to make a single vineyard, natural wine. Located in Labastida at 650m, the vineyard is one of the highest in Rioja, and is protected from the northern winds by the winery's namesake, Sierra de Tolono.

The conditions of the vineyard, including its north/south orientation, calcareous clay soil, altitude and moderate rainfall allow the fruit to ripen gradually, retaining its natural acidity while allowing sugar to accumulate slowly. Practicing biodynamics, Marin harvests, racks and bottles on dates that are determined by the moon.

Hand harvested, the Tempranillo grapes are then placed into small concrete tanks and left to cold soak at low temperatures for a number of days before fermenting with natural yeast and being punched down daily. Without filtering or fining, the wine is bottled after spending six months in French oak barrels.

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