Walter Scott, Pinot Noir Seven Springs Vineyard Eola-Amity Hills 2017


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"We launched the winery 8 years ago on a hope, a dream and two very small retirement funds. Ken and I had both been working in the Oregon wine industry for over 30 years combined, ken on the production and distribution side, myself as a Sommelier and educator. We had met while Ken was selling me wine, and when we got together I encouraged him to follow his dream and launch the label that he had been thinking about for years.

Over the last 8 years we continued to work full time, putting everything back into the business and doubling production each vintage. Today we sit at 3500 cases and are done growing. We both left our real jobs last year, focusing solely on the business and our daughter Lucy.

We make Pinot Noir & Chardonnay and believe that attention to detail in the winery is incredibly important. Our goal is to produce clean, correct wines with tension and grace. We do our best to represent the individual terroir of each vineyard site, translating their personalities and allowing the character of vintage to shine through. We are native yeast fermented, 100% Malo on all wines, fermented dry, aged in oak (fermented in oak on the Chardonnays as well), the pinots may see light filtration, most do not. The chardonnays are fined and filtered to give them more precision and polish the aromatics. We aim for alcohols of 12.8% - 13.5% on all wines, in all vintages."


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