Woodward Canyon, Cabernet Sauvignon Old Vines Washington 2018


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It All Starts In The Vineyard:
Marginal fruit, even in the hands of the most adept winemaker, can only make wines of middling quality. Along with our 41-acre Estate Vineyard in the Walla Walla Valley, we source fruit from a handful of well-established Washington state growers whose grapes have proven over the course of the years to provide the best possible material for winemaking that we can procure. Woodward Canyon is also a joint owner of Champoux Vineyard, one of the older vineyards in the State.

Don't Cut Corners:
We are in the business of making the best wines we can possibly create. It can be technically difficult, sometimes tiring, and occasionally costly, but by putting quality above all else, secondary concerns become, well, secondary.

Make Wines That Are In Proportion And Balanced:
We drink wine with food; in fact, the next winery barbecue or wood-fired pizza day is all we often talk about. Our goal is to create wines that show their very best when part of a shared meal, and so our wines strive to be structured and distinctive, showing their sense of place. It is our hope that the last drops of a bottle of Woodward Canyon will be as enticing as the first taste.

Be Consistent And Be Cellar-Worthy:
We've stayed with many of the same vineyards Rick started off with in 1981, and in knowing a vineyard's tendencies and the characteristics of its fruit, we've been able to maintain a string of fantastic releases, year after year. And because of the level of attention we pay to our wines throughout their production, our wines have a long lifespan in the cellar where they continue to evolve and develop.


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